Network DOI: 10.14470/UH028726

The main objective of the seismological network is the collection of reliable information about the seismic activity in Hungary and surroundings. Besides this, the network also measures the seismic waves generated by earthquakes all over the world. The arrival times of these waves are routinely measured and transferred to international seismological centers.

The actual permanent seismological network consists of 15 stations equipped with broad-band sensors (9 Streckeisen STS-2/STS-2.5 and 6 Güralp CMG-3T). All the stations are provided with internet connection allowing real-time data acquisition. Data registration is performed continuously.

Please use the network's DOI identifier (doi:10.14470/UH028726) when citing its data.

The map below shows the stations of the Hungarian National Seismological Network (HNSN). Click on a symbol to access more information on the selected station.