Statistical studies show that four to five 2.5–3.5 magnitude earthquakes can be expected every year in Hungary, which can be felt near the epicenter, but cause no damage. Earthquakes causing light damages occur every 15–20 years, while stronger, more damaging 5.5–6 magnitude quakes happen about every 40–50 years.

This page shows the map of felt earthquakes occurred in Hungary for the selected year. When the desired map shows up, click on a symbol to access more information on the selected earthquake. All times are given in universal time (UTC). (Abbreviations: ML = local Richter magnitude; Imax = maximum epicentral intensity according to the European Macroseismic Scale [EMS]; Color code: yellow: ML < 3; orange: 3 ≤ ML < 4; red: 4 ≤ ML < 5; pink: 5 ≤ ML )


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Felt earthquakes in Hungary - 2024